Thursday, July 23, 2009

People and Cars and the Side Effects

Well now I have been away for a long time, longer then I had planed. Work cot up with me after I got better and life was a messy. But its all relatively good now. I funked up my knee at work (its just really sore) and I'm stuck in bed resting till work. So It gave me a chance to read peoples blogs. I read Aalia's blog about the bad parking jobs and had some of my own pics (off the net of cores) all over my laptop and thought I should get rid of a few. So here are the "side effects" of people driving. I am considering posting a vid I tuck when my friends and I had a little miss hap with the car but it does have a "bit" of sailor worthy language if you get my drift. So I will ponder that. Here are the pics.

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