Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The holy land grab.

This topic is talked about all the time. It seems that the more people talk the less we can do. I grew up watching media that portrayed Jewish people as always the victim and never the one doing the evil actions. I know that Evil is a strong word. As I see it, Nazis are evil people and the right wing Jewish Israelis' have become the new Nazis. This time they are the ones making a "Pure" "homeland". I see problems with this. One being that the reason so many people see the Jewish community as victims is dew to Nazis trying to make a "Pure" homeland. We all know that the holocaust took place and anyone that deny's it is in major denial. It was not only the Jewish community that felt the pain of that event but Gypsies, Those of mixed race and anyone of colour. I grew up knowing people that had grama's that lived through it and still had the makes on there arms to prove it. They where kind old ladies that never would wont what they lived through to be put onto anyone ells let alone in there name. I hate looking at people that stand and yell this happened to us and doing the same thing to a group of people at the same time. My second problem comes with "Homeland". It is confusing at best. The Arabs that live there now are the people of that land for thousands of years. Some are even descendants of Jewish people that believe it or not converted to Christianity, and that get ready for it... to Islam. So when People say that they are getting there right full land back they are really taking it from a brother. The skin and look may have changed on both sides, One mixing more with Northern Europeans and the other mixing with more arab. If anyone takes a look at human migration patterns it will show that. So using the words that it is your homeland and no one ells's is totally bullshit. The right wing can only play the victim so long and with every passing day that gets less and less believable. Do not use the kind grams that I have met as justification to take land. Palestine opened there doors for the Jewish community when the USA shut there's to them. See this as a political land grab of some right wing nut jobs.

Holy Land Grab, From Al Jazeera English.

part 1

Pert 2

On a side not there is a group of Israeli women that stand at the Palestinian check points watching to make sure that Israeli solders do not harm the Palestinians trying to go about there life's in what limited way they can. These are brave and good women. DO not let a right wing political view tarnish the good people that at standing at the side lines. You cane not blame all Jewish people just as you can not Blame all Muslims for Sept 11th. We all know how that feels. I will defend anyone that badmouths a good person based on race, religion or sex. So no hatters ok.

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