Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everybody gettin' high-waisted

It seems as though the high waist trend has been around forever, but it's obviously not going anywhere anytime soon either. High waisted pants and skirts are still appearing on the bodies of women everywhere who desire to hide their torsos and make their legs appear miles longer than they really are.

Evidence of the immense popularity of the high waist look is especially apparent on Copenhagen Street Style where these four ladies below, as well as others, are wearing high waisted outfits in posts on the front page alone.

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Still, I always find it so fascinating how one look or trend can be interpreted in totally different ways. I think the fact that there are many high waisted styles to choose from is what has, thus far, prevented this trend from going stale.

Lauren Conrad, Duffy, Katie Holmes and Nicole Richie all wear different styles of high-waisted bottoms that reflect their individual tastes and personalities.

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If you're still feeling this trend as well, here is a variety of high waisted pant and skirt styles that may appeal to you.

Brown Belted Skirt
Price: US$39.00

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