Monday, November 10, 2008

Pile on the chains

A few nights ago while watching the CW show Privileged (a must-watch for those who love cute, feel good shows), I noticed plenty of sparkly jewelry beautifully draped around the necks of two main characters, Sage and Laurel.

It was interesting to see how these ladies, despite being two generations apart, managed to wear the same trend but in ways that were more suited to their individual styles.

Sage, the young socialite, accessorized her trendy outfit with a stylish silver multi-chain necklace while her grandmother, Laurel wore gold chain necklaces to achieve a look that's more classic and elegant.

photos courtesy

For me, the ultimate inspiration for multi chain necklaces has to be the Givenchy F/W 08 collection (below). Layers upon layers of gold chains with dangling crosses, coins and other charms were worn over dark, tailored pieces. The result was nothing short of fierce.

photo courtesy

It would take me quite a while to accumulate the masses of assorted chains and pendants necessary to recreate that kind of awesomeness, but these options below would make great (and more wearable) substitutes.

Knot Chain Necklace
Price: US$28.00

Fierce Necklace
Price: US$26.50

Cream Bow and Pearl Multi Chain Long Necklace
Price: UK £20 (US$31.24)

Multistrand Necklace
Price: US$6.80

UK £16.00 (US$25.60)

Speaking of chains, I finally found a quilted purse with chain strap, which has been on my wish list for quite some time now. I bought this vintage one from a garage sale on Saturday and it only cost me $7.50.

(the colour is actually closer to the shade below)

It's not authentic Chanel of course, but that doesn't matter to me - I just love the colour and style of this bag. Some day I hope to own a real one though...

I also found a few other great bags that I plan to sell in the store. I'm so excited!

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