Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fine Jewelry Finds

If you're one who is into fine jewelry or looking to purchase an item for a loved one, I found a great store that would be perfect for you.

My Jewelry is an online store devoted to bringing "the latest in fine jewelry styling at an everyday low price." They have obviously stayed true to their mission as the store boasts plenty of positive testimonials from customers pleased with the products and services they received.

I'm always relieved when I come across well-organized online stores because it makes for a great, stress-free shopping experience. My Jewelry makes navigation simple with basic jewelry categories such as Earrings, Rings and Pendants placed prominently at the top of the site as well as other categories in the sidebars such as Popular Searches, Price and Featured Collections that help to further refine your searches.

If money isn't a concern, you may enjoy browsing sections such as Diamond Stud Earrings (because they're just so classic and beautiful - you really can't go wrong there.) and Blue Topaz Jewelry (because blue is even more gorgeous when it's combined with semi-precious stones.)

However, for those who are being a little more budget conscious this holiday season like I am, there are also many lovely and interesting pieces to choose from under $50.

Here are some of my favourites listed below:

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