Monday, July 28, 2008

Stud obsession

There's something so edgy and sexy about studded clothing and accessories that I find very irresistible. The decorative hardware toughens up any outfit and you don't have to be a biker or punk to rock out this look with confidence. This is a bold look so, as is the case with many trends, the trick to effortlessly incorporating it into your style is to do it in moderation.

One celebrity devotee of this look is Rihanna who is often seen wearing numerous stylish articles such as the studded bag, skirt and bracelets in the photos below.

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A few of my favourite (and currently unattainable) studded items are these Christian Louboutin 'Ariella' boots, Burberry 'Warrior' bag and Carrie's belt from the Sex and the City movie.

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Below are some fab and very affordable studded items that may interest you.

Gold Stud Triangle Top and Gold Stud Bottom (sold separately)
Price: US$19.50 each

Danbistyle Studded Vest
Price: US$48.00

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