Monday, July 14, 2008

Like it or not? - Urban Outfitters Laser Cutout Tees

One disturbing trend that seems to be springing up in Barbados is cheap, brightly-coloured shirts with random, horizontal rips worn usually with just a bra (in a different colour from the shirt) underneath. Most girls just look like awfully trashy in them, especially those with fuller figures who insist on wearing clothes that don't suit their bodies.

Anyway, I immediately thought of those horrible shirts when I saw these two from Urban Outfitters but surprisingly I don't despise these as much. Probably because the shirts look of a better quality, they're in more subdued colours and the cutouts actually form a shape . I prefer the top one because the shirt seems to look better fitted and the spider web design looks cool. However, if you have a little extra somethin' on your back and sides, chances are this type of shirt won't do a good job of flattering those areas so I suggest you steer clear.

I'm still on the fence about them though. What do you think? Cool cutouts or tacky tees?

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