Monday, September 6, 2010

Omani women and Eid prep

We shop for trimmings for our dresses, hound tailors, buy new bukhoor and scents, and Eid gifts.
Lots of Patchi. And then of course the sheep, and Lulu Eid celebration staples.
We do our henna 2-3 days before. Like tomorrow.
And we pick up our new dresses from the tailor. Cultural Eid. Fascinating.
Vastly different from the Islamic Eids I experienced in the West, nearly getting fired from one's job so one can go to the Eid prayer since Eid isn't a set holiday and your boss JUST DOESN'T GET THAT. Yes Patti, I am talking about YOU. All my sistaz in the West, if Sept 11th is the day you end up requesting your "Islamic Holiday" off you are in my prayers, totally.
I am not slamming the Eid sales, please understand, I am just remarking how it is different. Even McDonalds and Gap have "Eid Mubarak" signs. It makes me gawk.

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