Monday, September 14, 2009

Packing for the UAE time

Ok so I have not posted in a month. Ramadan is almost over and I did not kill anyone dew to low Blood sugar but nearly did a few times. I am unable to fast long hours dew to my sugar levels going all over the place and taking me with it (there is a medical reason). So here is a run down on what has happened in the last 2 months. 1. Got my plane ticket with Pixie. 2. Engagement broke off (yay, no really its a good thing) 3. Started planing Sisters Iftaars that got passed over to my friend that is way better at it then I am (thank you so much for grabbing the rains) 4. Quite my Job (*dance*) 5. Running around like a person that leaves everything to the last min.
So here I am sitting on the good sofa with my cat beside me (on my clothing, everything needs a little hair) Hoping that my mom does not come into the room (cat + good sofa = slow death) and waiting for the next load of laundry to be put into the washer (only 20 left). So I have stuff that I would like to take with me spread from one side of the house to another. My travel towel has a Pic of a mug of beer on it (could try passing it off as ginger-al....yep that may work) witch is totally going to be a hit there (with a stick.... hahahah sorry vary bad joke). I do not really feel like I'm about to leave for 6 months yet. I feel that I'm heading off but it has not fully hit me. Unlike the cheese I ate today.... brb ........Ok back. so where was I....meh Im to lazy right now to read back. I just Switched in a load of laundry and started drying another. Grabbed some of my shoes that I'm trying to pic witch ones to bring. I am bringing my bronze snake Sandals, Blue sequin converse, black and red tartan underground high tops, and Silk knee high Ed hardy tie ups for those special occasions hehehe... I will where onto the plane my Velcro shark vans. Totally normal shoes selection ~(0.o)~ I have my legging's all ready ranging from bright red to the tame pho jeans and not to skip the tartan ones too. Its 7 in total. I have my got my corsets picked out and silk slip dresses lined up. One to many pares of jeans (gosh to bad the red ones where not in my size purple is nice though). Lots of sox's and undies (do you think 30 pairs is to much? I like variety what can I say? Oh I saw these silk 40's style ruffle panties today that where so so cute that would match my bra but held off buying them cuz I need to keep my money for things I really need). My mom went to London Drugs and I do not know what she is thinking but got me 6 box's of tampons to go on top of the other 4 that I already had (I so do not need over 300, that movie was good). So now that I have freaked out every person that reads my blog or stumbles upon it i should continue with the packing and cleaning cuz pixie is dropping things off over here in the next few days. Hope you all have a grate last 10 days of Ramadan!

Note: that is my mess and the wonderful kitty next to me is Tabby.

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