Friday, August 7, 2009

The Scene

For all those sisters out there that have a little extra unff in them. Have you wondered how to do the big punk/emo hair? Are you into fun makeup? Do you have a motley coloured outfits? Or are you just trying to figure out your own style? The here are some style vid that may help you and some fun music too (I like real big fish). I am trying to decide what style I wont to cut my hair too. I'm leaning towards fohock, and maybe going blue or white. I tried to dye my hair punky red but it did not stick, to my floor yes (it exploded when I tried to open it) to my head nope. That week I dyed my hair with henna for over 6h and nothing. Chemical dye for dark hair was also a nothing. I have brown hair witch makes this all even funnier.

I had this style before it became "scene" but I was to lazy to keep it up. not to mention I can easily become a mullet if you are not careful! Just say no to mullets! say no~
Now I am trying to come up with a new look for the hot weather. I think I am going to chop it short and funky. I think with white and Blue highlights, or maybe a white/blue coon tale highlights... Or heck all White (thats going to kill my hair). I just need to come up with something hijab friendly... mo-hawk hijab is funny.

I had this on in grad 12. I remember doing my hair all spiky for my year book and the lady just saying one sec then coming over and flattened my hair and made it all geeky! I will never look at it the same way. Though my graduation hair was all 60 rocker cool (rocking the tartan tie). My hair was a dark pinky purple/brown and spread out with the layers.

I like this langth it has been over 5 years since its been this short.
I like this one. It reminds me of an old do. I just did not have that much layering.

Reel Big Fish - Take On Me

Reel Big Fish - Don't Start A Band

Reel Big Fish - Another Day in Paradise

Reel Big Fish - Talkin Bout a Revolution

(note, I did not make these vids. They are from Youtube. For more grate vids check it out there or whatever)((note: head may become more flammable))(((Note:hair burns fast and smells up the hole house)))((((yes I have had my head on fire)))) Go to there channels~

Scene Emo Hair

Emo Scene Hair Part 2

How To Do Scene Hair (Remake!)

How i do my "Scene" hair

Cool style for curly hair - 3 Minute Fohawk !

I would Love to have hair like this. I wonder if I could go this way...Tight curl fohawk look but shorter.

Pretty/Punk Hair :)

I like doing this do but it takes lots of bobby pins and is not hijab friendly. So its for stay at home or just throwing a light shala over from point A to B.

OMG make up time! Same as above i did not make these. Go to there Youtube channels for more.

Pretty/Punk Makeup :)

~How to do Arabic Makeup~

~ 4 Steps to Take for Flawless Skin ~

Retro Hollywood Makeup: Christina Aguilera

Now for some Clothing Ideas, Just throw over a abaya and go or if your not a hijabi then don't worry :P I know some of the is not "Scene" but I'm to lazy to make another post.

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