Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I got - Retro Floral Dress, White Blazer and more

It's been quite a while since I've had a successful thrift hunt but I got lucky last weekend and scored a few great items.

First up is this 50s/60s style abstract floral print dress that I bought from a garage sale last weekend for BDS$6.

Note: US$1 = BDS$2

To be honest, it didn't look very impressive when I first picked it up but I liked the colours and the print so I decided I would buy it anyway. However, it soon began to grow on me on the ride home and when I finally tried it on, it was instant love! The style is so cute and retro - it reminds me of those gorgeous dresses worn on Mad Men.

I could never wear these gloves and tights during the day in Barbados but I'm not going anywhere today and I love dressing up so I thought "why not?"

I also got this awesome white blazer from the same sale for BDS$8. Unfortunately, it's a little tight when I button it but I love it so I'll probably just wear it open.

I went to another sale the same day and got the two bags below. The first one is a black oversized clutch that I bought for BDS$5. It has a really beautiful relief design on the flap that isn't obvious unless you look at it closely.

The other bag I got is this cool denim fringed Miss Sixty bag that also cost BDS$5. I've wanted a fringed purse for a long time but another reason why is love this one is because of the brilliant woven detail on the flap.

This last item is not a garage sale purchase but a bargain buy nonetheless. I ordered these amazing pewter caged heels from the Urban Original Ebay Store for US$10.49. I don't usually wear shoes this high so it's going to take some practice walking in them, especially because of the thin heel, but I think I'll get the hang of it eventually. I don't think this shoe style is still in stock but if you're interested in checking out more of their stuff, they also have a website you can visit.

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